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Laryd Dugat

Laryd Dugat is a Visual Designer and art curator based in Austin, Texas, specializing in Branding, Packaging, and UX/UI. His passion for design began in high school, and he’s since crafted logos and brand narratives. Over his freelance career, Laryd has collaborated with a diverse range of companies, from real estate to small businesses, leveraging his artistic vision to attract customers. Starting in Leakey, Texas, he’s developed expertise in serving both small-town and big-city clients. Beyond design, Laryd enjoys curating art projects, collecting vintage items, fostering new friendships, and playing tennis



(832) 314-6155



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UI/UX, Branding, Illustration, Packaging


Graphic Designer for Foster Farm and Ranch Real Estate where he currently designs brochures and their advertisments

Laryd designed a logo and advertisements for an eclipse event in 2024.

Uvalde County Community


Foster Farm and Ranch

2022 - Now

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