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Masked Bandit is the self care brand for any cowboy or cowgirl. From hair, face, even down to the working mans hands, Masked Bandit provides it all. We embody the modern wrangler and supply the body with all its needs with our combo, cactus prickly pear and rosemary, in all our products.

who we are here for

Masked Bandit is for anyone who wants to lasso life dead in its tracks and embrace their inner cowboy/cowgirl with our self-care line. 

how we are different

Masked Bandit is different from all competitors as we enrich our products with prickly pear and rosemary, each natural plants of the wild west. 

what we value

Masked Bandit values all our customers needs and wants to introduce the wild westerners way of keeping up with ones personal hygiene.

our personality

Masked Bandit embodies the punchy, the classy, and bunkin bronco in us all. 

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Msked Bandit Logo_edited.png
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Argaka Fashion Reg.


Arima Madurai


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prickly pear skin cream

Masked Bandits's Prickly Pear Skin Cream is our little baby. This product brings that desired sun reflecting shine for cowgirls of every tone. 


sweet bliss bodywash

Sweet Bliss Bodywash is our personal bodywash scent with a sweet and luxurious combination. Within the bottle you will experience the healing and moisturizing powers of the cactus's prickly pear, while smelling like the fresh air of an open plain, where flowers bloom. 

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southern sally shampoo

HOWDY MRS. SALLY! Our Southern Sally's Shampoo is perfect for all hair types. Never be worried about your hair being too dry or too oily, as our southern drawl of shampoo makes all your hair dreams come true. 

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